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Prison Ministry - Every Tuesday the volunteers visit Chi Ma Wan correctional Institute in Lantau Island, Hong Kong. 3 hours for teaching the good values from the Bible to 3 separate groups is a time each volunteer counts as blessing. So far about 70-75 women have come to know Jesus personally. The turn over is very fast, the inmates are there normally for a short period of time. Time is so precious. We are vrey happy that the Gospel is shared with them each visit. We are blessed with this ministry and our lives have enriched through the ministry to women who are away from their families and lost their freedom.
- Christmas 2005 in the Prison - Christmas was celebrated in Prison in the leadership of ABWFHK. This year's Christmas celebration was different because instead of Inmates sitting and watching the play prepared for them, the inmates put up the play for the visitors. The volunteers took the costumes for the inmates and dressed them in different characters. This brought a great joy to them and to the volunteers because wearing the same color uniform day in and day out is quite monotonous.


Leadership Training - We are organizing Seminars to train women in HK and abroad. These Seminars are the tools to help women know their self worth and use it for serving God and community

* Young Women's Leadership Training in Year 2000

Hospital visits - The patients are the people who are, firstly, depressed because of their inability to move around and secondly they have to stay in hospital where the other patients also face with physical and emotional discomfort & pain. They are mainly separated from the family members and day to day inter-action with family and friends. Making visits to the patient helps them to feel loved and cared. We plan visits to the hospital time to time. During SARS months, it was stopped because Hospital authorities did not allow this to continue for the reason of safety of patient and visitors.


Regular Bible studies - This year our Theme is "Seeing with New Eyes - Missions". The women of various groups are studying this and are inspired by these studies.


* World Day of Prayer in year 2000 -2004

Baptist World Alliance Women's Dept. Day of Prayer - every year 1st Monday of November is celebrated and observed as Baptist Women's World Day of Prayer. We have been observing this for past 5 years and it is a time to bring women together to the throne of our King of Kings. This is the time to remember our sisters around the world and their needs that are lifted up to the throne of grace. We fulfill our duty as Member Body of Asian Baptist Women's Union and relationship to BWA Women's Department by sending our WDOP offering for the ministry of these organizations around Asia and World.


Prayer - There are 3 groups meet on every Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The prayer is the power that helps us to grow in love for our Lord Jesus and for each other.


Mission Trips Our Partnership with Sri Lanka has given us opportunities to visit them to encourage the believers who are working hard in God's vineyard. We visited the Children's Home, Home for the Elderly and led the Leadership Seminar. We will, in near future, visit other countries such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal and more.

* Mission Trip in Sri Lanka

- Mission Trip to Bangladesh - 10 Women of 7 Nations living in HK long term and short term, visited Bangladesh and India Jan. 27 - Feb.3, 2006. We all visited Village Schools, Girl's Boarding/hostel, Micro Loan projects, The Working Women's Hostel and led Women's Leadership Seminar. We all came back refreshed with the faith and determination we have seen in our fellow believers in Bangladesh and India. Please pray for the guidance of God for us to get involved in supporting our brothers and sister in this developing country.

"Ladder" Professional Women's Luncheon We are so glad to have this new ministry added to our existing ministries. "Ladder" name is chosen from the Bible based on the story Jacob. Jacob was traveling from Beersheba to Haran. He stopped on his for the night because Sun had set. Taking one stone, he put it under his head and lay down to sleep. He had a dream in which he saw a stairway resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it. There above it stood the Lord, and he said: " I am the Lord, the God of Isaac íKíK.. I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go. WE all are travelers and many of us are in HK for a short time. We have our dreams and need our God to meet us while we travel. Won't it be great that we meet God while we are traveling and have stopped because Sun has set and darkness has taken over? For God's promises and gentle reminders + encouragement in our journey as professionals we have a place "Ladder" - a Luncheon for the professional Women on 3rd Fridays of the month. Yes, this is the Ladder we professionals like to climb up. Just checkíK do you see God on the top of the Ladder???


Teaching English to the underprivileged children - This is our new ministry and we are looking for volunteers to join us for this rewarding ministry.


*Asian Baptist Women's Union New Leadership

Asian Baptist Women's Union New Leadership - "We are proud of our President Latika Paul - was elected as Treasurer for ABWU(Asia wide union), for 5 years(2004-2009)"

R-L Chiyo Murakami (Japan)
President, Atola Subong (India)
Vice President, Sonia Silbor (Philippines)
Secretary, Latika Paul (Hong Kong) -Treasure

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